12 Advantages of Bicycle

Bicycles existence is dated back to 19th Century where we used it as a basic mode of transportation, which had two wheels and which required a skill to balance and ride.

Those days it was one of the fastest modes of transportation which was known to humankind.

After the invention of fuel, the whole scenario changed and we forgot about the Bicycle as a mode of transportation in most part of the world.

Fast forward to 21st Century we use it to exercise and for recreation.

We have seen the continued application of technology and lot of evolution on the bicycles. There are a lot of changes in design, use and building the bicycles compared to 19th-century bicycles.

The bicycles components and frames have become lighter and thinner with the compromise of strength largely and they have become more aerodynamic so we can get maximum result in terms of speed and agility when we ride these modern bicycles.

Now bicycles come with gear shifting and shock absorbers to increase the pleasure and convenience of riding. Bicycles can be used from a child to adult.

There are a lot of research done on Bicycles and scientist have proven it has a lot of health benefits if we use it on a regular basis as part of an exercise. Many countries use it as transportation looking at its benefits to health, nature, and expenses. Below are few points which shows what are the benefits of using a bicycle as our mode of transport or exercise.

  1. It is one of the best cardio exercises.
  2. It reduces fat content in our body.
  3. It increases immune system of our body.
  4. It reduces cancer risks.
  5. It is one of the best exercises which will not hurt our body.
  6. It is best for our heart.
  7. It is best to improve our breathing.
  8. One hour of bicycle exercise reduces our stress level.
  9. It increases our appetite and reduces obesity.
  10. It is an overall exercise for our body which helps us to reduce our body weight.
  11. It’s cost-effective to use a bicycle.
  12. It’s eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute the nature.

There are various types of bicycles which you can choose from depending on a person’s preferences i.e. City bicycles, Hybrid bicycles, Racing bicycles, tricycles etc.

Most commonly used bicycles are Hybrid and commuter bicycle, depending on the personal preferences they are segregated to casual, recreational and commuter bikes.

Bicycle industry evolved to cater the bicycle to the public as Hybrid bicycles sometimes promoting it as a city bike, cross bike or commuter bikes. Hybrid bicycles are the combination of mountain bikes and road racers.

Hybrid bicycles can vary from high speed to lightweight to flat bar bicycles. These Hybrid bicycles come with broader tyres compared to a racer bike because they increase the driving comfort, load carrying and can handle various road i.e. countryside/ City/ rough roads

We have come up with a different article giving the types of bicycles which are there and you can look at your preferences and choose the varieties depending on your requirement.

“Click Here  to know the types of bicycles”



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