5 Reasons to keep a Fish


Keeping a fish in aquarium as a pet at home is the third largest hobby after Dog and Cat, so don’t be surprised if you are planning to have an aquarium at home.

Before going for the aquarium hobby make sure you know the basics of fish keeping, its a most rewarding and it brings happiness to your home.

Why are fish becoming a popular choice of pet?

  1. It has Health Benefits:

Don’t be surprised at the above point. Have you ever wondered why most of the Hospitals have fish tanks it’s no coincidence?

It reduces stress when you watch an aquarium with fishes moving around and you get attracted to it and start observing the beauty of nature and gives you a relaxed feeling.

There are studies on the topic and its proven that it reduces anxiety level by 12 % in patients.

It reduces blood pressure and heart rate calming a person over a period of time.

  1. It’s Quiet and less of a mess

Unlike our Dogs and Cats which are noisy at times especially during the night, which might sometimes annoy your neighbours. Fish in aquarium is very quiet and no-nonsense.

They are less messy compared to our other pets, you remember when you are back home sometimes there is a surprise left on your favourite couch or carpet.  

Fish in aquarium needs basic cleaning, maintenance and care as in maintaining the cleanliness of water, maintain PH level, Nitrite level etc. (Which I will cover in next blog).

  1. They won’t take up much space

Fish tanks don’t take up space, that’s why its one of the reasons its becoming popular in metro’s where space, not a luxury many gets.

Keeping other pets needs lot more space than a fish in aquarium and it’s difficult to manage them when you have space restrictions.

In terms of the fish tank size and space, you have to do a research before buying a fish. First, you have to decide a fish and then buy a tank.

  1. Cheaper than other pets

Maintaining a fish in aquarium is always cheaper than maintaining other pets.

It depends on which breed of fish you are selecting and what type of aquarium you are opting.

If you are going for freshwater fish and basic setup it is not expensive but if you are going for marine aquarium set up or planted aquarium setup your cost might go up a little more than a freshwater aquarium but not as much as you have to spend on a nice breed of dog or cat.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

One of the common reason why people keep an aquarium is it looks beautiful and amazing.

They give a feel of peacefulness and calmness at home and it’s an attractive addition in anyone’s home.

Just watch the fish for few minutes a day and it will make you feel relaxed. They come in different shape, designs and colours. You can choose whichever variety you please to and enjoy the fish keeping at you home.


Fish keeping is rewarding you with good health, lower stress and relaxing when you come back from a stressful day.

They are relatively easy to maintain/ care for and cheaper compared to other pets.

They don’t take up much space or make much mess or noise.

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