What are the Best Freshwater Fishes for Aquarium?

fishes for aquarium

There are hundreds of varieties of freshwater fishes for aquarium which is available in the pet shops for a freshwater aquarium, it depends on size, shape and colour of fish you choose to keep in your aquarium.

You have to decide on the size of the tank also before buying the fishes for aquarium. The first step is to select the fish, usually, people think the other way around which is wrong.

You should research about the fishs for an aquarium because most of the fish which you get from the aquarium shop will be young and usually outgrow your aquarium very soon and either you have to change the aquarium which will increase your investment or you have to give your fish for adoption which is very uncomfortable.

I personally made this mistake and had to upgrade to 3 aquarium couple of years back when I started, this is coming from my experience, the wisest decision would be to research about the fish you want to buy and select the aquarium so you and your pet will be comfortable in a long run.

Lists of freshwater fishes:

1. Gold Fish
Goldfish are most common fishes for aquarium in the world. They are beautiful, colourful, come in different size and shape.

Goldfish need to be kept in a big aquarium at least 20-gallon tank, usually, when you get them they are young and small, so they grow at least to 14 inches.
There are many types of goldfishes for the aquarium, some of them are common goldfish, Comet goldfish, fancy fantail goldfish, veiltail goldfish, globe eye goldfish, broadtail moor, oranda goldfish, pearlscale goldfish etc.

Goldfish can be kept with other fishes in a community fish tank, but be careful to select same tempered fishes, goldfish cannot be kept with small breeds slow moving fish reason being they will eat whatever fits in their mouth.

They are messy fish so you should have a very good filter.


2. Angelfish


They are one of the beautiful freshwater fishes for aquarium which come with various size and vibrant colours.

They belong to cichlid family which includes Oscar, Discus and Parrotfish.

The minimum size of the tank should be 20 gallons and water should be slightly acidic and soft.

They grow up to 8 inches tall, so preferably get a tall aquarium which should be comfortable for your pet.

They are good community fish, but be careful to accommodate them with soft tempered fishes. When they mature they get little aggressive especially if you have a crowded tank with fin nipping fishes.


3. Bettas (Fighter fish)

Bettas are extremely popular fishes for aquarium and the common name is fighter fish. They come in vibrant colours and they are a delight to watch.

They are easy to keep and maintain that’s again one of the reasons why they are popular.

They have to be feed varied variety of food both plants and animal food as they are omnivorous.

Male bettas are vibrant and beautiful, they are notoriously aggressive towards other males. Therefore male bettas should be kept alone in one aquarium and they can be kept along with other peaceful fishes.


4. Oscar

Oscar fish is called as a water dog, its one of the fish which can be trained and taught to be an intelligent fish.

Oscar fishes are not community fish and should be kept in species only fish tank as they are highly territorial fish.

They grow big and they would require a big tank, don’t be fooled by their small size when you see them in an aquarium shop as they are sold when they are very young.

They need more maintenance than other fish as they are carnivorous and they produce more waste. To maintain these fish you would require to invest in a proper filtration system.

Oscar fish belongs to cichlid family, they are the only species which can be hand fed and trained. They are good with each other’s companies usually a pair of 2, 5, 10 etc. but they have to housed together from a young age or they can be kept alone also.


5. Mollies

They are peaceful small fishes for aquarium available in different colours and designs.

They adapt to different water quality and they can be housed in the planted aquarium along with other peaceful fishes. These fishes should be housed in 20 gallons with a ph level of 7/8.

They have to be feed with a variety of food a mix of plants and animal food. They are omnivorous fishes.

They give birth to young live once as they are livebearers. They breed very easily and are very easy to take care. If you are beginner you should prefer to buy only males.

6. Neon Tetra


Neon Tetra is easy to maintain and are small fishes for aquarium which can be kept in groups. They are one of the best beginners fish.

They come with bright colours of blue and red stripes, they are small in size just 2.2 cm in length.

They are omnivores they accept varieties of food both plants and animal food. They require soft, acidic water to keep them healthy. They can be kept in groups of 10 or 20 or more.


7. Guppies

Guppies are beautiful vibrant and lively fishes for aquarium. They adapt to a variety of water conditions which is one of the reasons why they are popular among the fish keeping enthusiast.

They are easy to care and they are best community fishes for an aquarium. They should be kept in a group of 3/5/10 or more.

The water temperature should be maintained constantly, the ideal temperature for the Guppies fish should be between 15 to 29 degrees.

Guppies are omnivorous which should be feed with plants and animal food.

They are also livebearers and multiply fast, so be careful if you plan to buy a small aquarium.

8. Pearl Gourami


Pearl Gourami are peaceful fishes and one of the easiest fish to keep as a pet. They are relatively large fish but they are community fish.

These fishes like a low light aquarium with a lot of hiding space, ideal aquarium size for this fish is 30 gallon.

Gourami should be housed with less aggressive fish and should be kept with similar size of fish.

They are omnivorous and should be fed with plant and animal food.


9. Swordtails


Swordtail fish are peaceful fishes and lively. They do good in a community tank and swim with the small group.

They are many vibrant colours and varieties, they are hardy fishes for aquarium which makes them perfect for beginners. This fish is very good jumpers so house them in an aquarium which is covered on top.

Swordtail fish is similar to guppies and platy but they are slightly bigger than the guppie.

10. Discus


Discus fish is called as Kind of freshwater fish. They are incredibly beautiful fish with very unusual body shape.

They are large fish and should be kept in a minimum 25-gallon fish tank. They are peaceful and graceful fish.

Discus fish are for experienced aquarists as it needs special attention and skill to keep the fish.

Discus fish belongs to cichlid family, these fish should be feed with the variety of food but are carnivorous in nature. These fish can be feed with feeder fish, blood worms, shrimps etc.


If you are new to fishkeeping you should first start slow, do a complete research on the fishes for aquarium you would like to keep and go for it.

Fish keeping is a rewarding hobby which will give us happiness.

Freshwater fish come in different shape, size and vibrant colours. Be careful to give special attention when buying an aquarium, depending on the size you should have correct water filters to keep the water clean which will keep the fish healthy and happy.

Happy fish keeping!!!


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