Ultimate guide for Goldfish (Updated Feb 2019)

If you are looking for an aquarium pet for your home and if you have decided to get a goldfish you are in the right direction. Go through the Ultimate guide for Goldfish to know more about Goldfish and how to keep them successfully as a pet. Goldfish is one of the most popular fish kept in the freshwater aquarium.

It is one of the easiest pet to keep in freshwater if you follow the below instruction to set us and right variety of goldfish as they come in different colours, size, shape etc.

Goldfish is one of the best breeds to keep and its a rewarding hobby for aquatic enthusiast and beginners. Get all the details to keep a goldfish below:

About Goldfish:

Goldfish are native to East Asia. GoldfiGoldfishsh were first to select bred in Ancient China more than one thousand years and several breeds were developed.

Goldfish come in different size, shape, fin shape and colour (combination of yellow, orange, white, red, blue, black etc)

Before buying an aquarium you have to consider few facts i.e. what breed of fish you want to get because some goldfish breed will grow large and big but fancy breed of goldfish don’t grow as big in size and these fancy breeds can be kept in a medium sized aqurium.


Goldfish lifespan/Size:

If we take care of Goldfish properly on an average it will live up to 10 to 25 years.

There is a record of goldfish which lived up to 43 years but its uncommon for a goldfish to live for such a long time.

Goldfish come in a various size and shape they can grow up to 19 inches if you choose to get a common breed which are used to keep in a pond.

Its a myth that goldfish will grow to your aquarium size, if you feed it high protein food it will grow big and you have to get a bigger size of aquarium.

Don’t home your goldfish in a bowl, your pet will lead a horrible life and die fast. Goldfish needs a bigger aquarium, typical space for a goldfish would be 20 gallons per goldfish. More the better because they are messy fish.

Goldfish variety/ breed:

The basic variety of goldfishes are Common goldfish and fancy variety of fish.

Common goldfish –

1.Common goldfish

common goldfishThey are hard goldfish they are best for ponds and open-air aquarium. They grow big in size over a foot and they can handle the light amount of pollution.

They are like their ancestors who live in wild and they can handle heard weather. These fish live a long and happy life in an outdoor/indoor pond.

These goldfish are cheap and are sold as a feeder fish.

              Their body is slender and they have a single tail, they come in orange colour.

2. Comet goldfish



They look similar to the common goldfish, the main difference would be they have a slim and stiff body.

They have long fins with deeply forked caudal fins that can be as big as their body size. They also grow big and best kept in a large aquarium or in a pond.

Comet goldfish are as hardy as common goldfish and has a long lifespan as a common goldfish. They are also used as a feeder fish and they are cheap to get.


3. Shubunkin goldfish

Shubunkin goldfish These goldfish are also recommended for a starter. They are hardy fish can handle various levels of heard ness of water to an extent and they have to be kept in a comparatively large tank or pond.

They also grow big as the common goldfish and comet goldfish. They have a calico pattern with black dots with various other colours like orange, red, blue, grey, yellow.

Their body type is similar to common goldfish with single caudal fin, which will grow to its body size. They have a similar body with thin head and slender body as common goldfish.

Fancy Goldfish:

They are also called Egg Shaped goldfish because they are round in shape. They are smaller compared to the common goldfish.

They need a little more care than the common goldfish, the basic rule to keep these fishes are a good quality of water, proper filtration and sufficient space i.e. the proper size of aquarium (20-gallon min for a fish).

The temperature should be maintained minimum 60 F (16 C). They will do good if we maintain proper water quality and proper feed (please don’t overfeed the goldfish).

1. Fantail Goldfish

 Fantail Goldfish

This goldfish is hardest in the fancy breed of goldfish, unlike the common goldfish they are round and egg-shaped. They are bred for show.

They have split tail and they are most beautiful fish used for competitions. They commonly come in orange or Calico or multi colours, they have metallic scales which looks wonderful.

They can be recommended for beginners as they are hardy and easy to keep fish, they can be kept in cold water and they can be homed in a pond also.

 2. Veiltail Goldfish

Veiltail GoldfishVeiltail Goldfish is an extremely good looking fish available. They are similar to Fantail goldfish but they have longer fins sometimes fins are 2 ¼ inches long and they are rounder compared to the Fantail Goldfish.

They are a rare breed and not easy to get in some part of the world.

They are not a beginner fish they are known to develop swim bladder disease and they have a long tail which should be cared, in case they injure the fins they might get a fungal or bacterial infection. They have to be kept in proper water condition and temperature of the water should be maintained.


3. Telescope Goldfish

Telescope GoldfishThis fish has eyes protruding and looks like telescope eyes. They are similar to fantail goldfish but with a broader head and protruding eyes.

Telescope goldfish comes in different colours and are a rare breed to get. They have low vision levels because of protruding eyes.

They can handle cold water temperatures but the water conditions should be maintained.

They have to be kept with similar breeds because with the low vision they are not good competitor for food so be careful they may starve.


4. Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish


They are the best goldfish for beginners. They can handle cold temperatures and they are black in colour with telescopic eyes (not as telescope goldfish).

Blackmoor goldfish are common fish among the collectors, they can be housed with telescope goldfish because they are similar in terms of vision and ability to feed.





5. Panda Moor Goldfish

Panda Moor Goldfish


They are similar to Black More Goldfish but they are a new breed of twin-tailed goldfish.

They are available only in black and white colouration which make it distinct. They are hardy fish which can handle the cold water temperature. They are best beginners fish.



 6. Lionhead Goldfish

Lionhead Goldfish


Lionhead goldfish is one of the beautiful fish in the aquarium hobby. They have a large head with a slender body.

They are slow moving fish so they have to be kept with a similar slow moving fish.

They are sensitive fish and they should not be kept in a pond. The water conditions should be kept in a well-maintained aquarium.


7. Oranda Goldfish

Oranda GoldfishThey are similar to Lionhead but they develop only on top of the head and side of it. They resemble a fantail goldfish in the body shape.

They are not a beginners fish as they are little sensitive fish. They come in different colours i.e. red, orange, chocolate, blue and black.




8. Celestial Goldfish

 Celestial Goldfish

Celestial Goldfish has eyes gaze upwards that’s the reason they are called celestial goldfish.

They are not a beginners fish, they are slow moving fish and should be kept with a similar variety of goldfish.

They are similar to Lionhead goldfish but they don’t develop the head. They have a poor vision and they are very rare to find these fish.

If you have decided to keep this fish you should give it a clean water and a lot of space to swim around.


9. Bubble Eyes Goldfish

Bubble Eyes Goldfish

Bubble Eyes Goldfish is one of the most fragile common goldfish in the aquarium hobby. They have fluid-filled sacs beneath their eye and it makes it similar to the celestial goldfish.

Bubble Eye goldfish should be taken a special care of by keeping the water clean and water temperature should be 65 to 72 F.

They are not a beginners fish and should be kept in an aquarium.


10. Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish


Ryukin goldfish is a good fish for a beginner and they can handle varied temperatures.

Ryukin goldfish have a unique humpback and fantail, they have a long lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

The common colour they come is orange but they also come in other colours also. To keep them healthy they have to be fed with proper protein food and maintain a proper water condition.



11. Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale GoldfishThey are one of the popular fish found in most of the community tanks. They are round fish and looks like pearls studded on the body with a fantail.

They are heard fish and can be kept in a beginners aquarium. They can handle the cold temperature. If we provide them with clean water and give them a good food.

They are one of the new variety of fish bred in the aquarium hobby. They come in all colours, the most common being red, orange, white and calico.


12. Pompom Goldfish

Pompom GoldfishThe unique feature is they have flowers on its nose, they resemble pompom as they are named as Pompom goldfish.

They grow up to 6 to 8 inch, they come in orange, red, chocolate colour commonly.

They are recommended for an experienced fish keepers.


Goldfish care:

Goldfish is a most common fish kept in an aquarium hobby, the general care to keep your fish happy and live long are as below.

  • They have to be provided with a clean water.
  • The typical temperature should be between 65 F to 74 F
  • Water PH is not important but they have to be between 7.0 to 8.4
  • Weekly you should change of water should be 25% of aquarium water to reduce the toxin level
  • Should be provided with proper filtration and clean water.
  • If you are introducing tap water to the aquarium you should treat with Aqueon water conditioner to get rid of chlorine in the water.
  • A tablespoon of aquarium or sea salt for 5 gallons of water can be used it’s optional.
  • The thumb rule to keep a goldfish is 20 gallon per fish any addition should have 10 gallons.
  • Filters used for a goldfish aquarium can be – Air filters, Hang on the back filter or canister filter.
  • You can use a heater to maintain the temperature if you are in a extremely cold weather.
  • Avoid using any sharp objects in the aquarium for a fancy variety of goldfish.

Goldfish food:

Most important is to take a special attention while feeding the goldfish, if you feed goldfish too much of food they will overfeed and might develop swim bladder disease.

They should be fed moderately as they don’t have a control on eating food. They are messy pets if you feed them more they will pollute the aquarium fast and you have to change the water frequently or the Ammonia content of the water will shoot up and it will be fatal for your pet.

Goldfish will eat whatever you give them, but you should be careful to feed them the right mix of diet according to their requirement i.e. goldfish should be fed with low protein and high carbohydrate content food.

Buy a proper high-quality goldfish food which will keep your goldfish healthy i.e.

  • Flake food which floats
  • Pellets which usually floats
  • Dry worms
  • Dry baby prawns
  • Dry bloodworms
  • Brine shrimps

Goldfish should be given varied diet with moderate quantity, you can feed them once or twice a day depending on the fish.

Once your goldfish finishes eating food you have to remove any extra food left in an aquarium if its left it’s going to pollute the aquarium.

Avoid giving your goldfish life food as they may carry parasites with will be very bad for your pet, so avoid giving life food to your fish.

Goldfish can live without food for a long time, if you are going out of station for a short time you can leave them without food.



Goldfish’s are one of the best breeds of fish you can have in the aquarium. Best part they are low maintenance and if proper care is taken they will live long.

They are best pets you could have and its most rewarding pets you could have.

After you have all the basic aquarium set and cycled, you are good to go with introducing the goldfish in your aquarium. Once you start keeping the goldfish you can go for most exotic goldfish.

Enjoy the fish keeping.



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